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VPNUK TV + Catchup 14 months

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VPNUK TV + Catchup 14 months
IPTV 14 months for 12 months
Our simple 14 month for the price of 12 months airtime subscription package allows you to watch as much as you like for only a few cents a day.

Price shown includes Tax.

Full access to the HD channels is also included as well free of charge, along with our 14 day catchup service.

We are proud to offer the most complete Internet British TV package worldwide using our IPTV set top box, along with the best service to deliver you the ultimate UK TV FTA experience abroad.

*Airtime Bandwidth Subscriptions - Like all our air time subscriptions the monthly cost is not for the TV channels, these are free, but for the bandwidth need to stream them to you from the data center. This is independent of your Internet provider at your home. There is no bandwidth limit, you can watch as much or as little TV as you like for the fixed monthly subscription cost.

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NOTE: Package is blocked in the UK & ROI
We DO NOT offer encrypted channels or VOD movies services.

Service Refunds - Implement by the Consumer Rights Directive in the EU

  • Your right to cancel the service - If you can cancel the service purchase within 14 days from the purchase date, providing you HAVE NOT accessed the service at any point within this time frame (please see below). Telly Connect will reimburse money received from you within a period of 14 days of being notified by you in writing. Refunds will be given minus any cost made by payment provider for the refund.
  • Accessing the content - Once you have or started to access the service - by downloading, streaming or otherwise, you can no longer withdraw from the service and request a refund. We strongly recommend taking a Free trail where available before making a purchase for any services.
  • Making a purchase within this site - By making and confirming (acknowledge) a purchase of a service within the Telly Connect site you are excepting the service starts straightaway, hence you have opted to have the service provided in full within 14 days. This means the right to cancel is lost during the cancellation period as the service is provided in full before the 14 days elapses as under EU consumer rights directive.
  • Incompatibility of hardware and software - Services will only work on MAG254/256 and the MAG322 IPTV STB units.
  • Geographical restrictions - Some service have geographical restrictions. Please check this before making a purchase. We do not offer any services with the UK or ROI. 
  • Your right to a service refund - No refunds for services if you have opted to have the service provided in full within 14 days  This means the right to cancel is lost during the cancellation period if the service is provided in full before the 14 days elapses.
Non re-connection policy

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Internet services vary depending upon your provider. Some companies offer broadband Internet with limited access. If you exceed certain download limits your Internet Service Provider may slow down your connection or you may be charged extra. UK Telly Connect is not responsible for any restrictions imposed by individual Internet service providers when abroad. 

In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.