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Setting up of your MAG IPTV set top box

Setting up your MAG254 Box
System requirements:

Basically you need to have a broadband Internet connection with a minimum download speed of 1.5Mbps, and up to 2.5Mbps to view HD channels, slow speeds and dial up Internet connections will not be able to download video streaming, you will also need to have a spare port/connection on your router.

Lets talk Wireless Connections

The IPTV set top box can connect to your router via WiFi, however this is disabled as standard as streaming HD TV via WiFi is not recommended due to electrical interference in the wireless signal (from other electrical devices), plus your router may not be able to cope with the bandwidth needed to run IPTV via WiFi.

Other problems we have found is the WiFi router could be situated too far from the IPTV box, and along with walls and ceilings (or other physical obstacles) that it needs to negotiate before it reaches your device, thus its not a reliable way to enjoy your new TV service. - this can be a particular problem in some older Spanish properties with thick walls and ceilings). However we can supple MAG boxes with WiFi adaptorsif you would still like to connect to your router via WiFi.

Router is nowhere near your TV - Solution

Ok, your router is nowhere near your TV and you don't want to run a cable through your house, not a problem.

The Best way would be the internet HomePlug™ these come in a twin pack and plug into your mains sockets, so you plug one in close to your broadband box, the other where you need it for you new Telly Connect IPTV box, this then supplies your internet connection over the mains from your router to your IPTV box, and helps keep a stable connection. Using a HomePlug™ system will also allow you connect your Telly Connect IPTV box anywhere you take it, without the worry of needing long cables. Click here for more information on HomePlug™ technology.

Let's get you connected

1. First unpack your IPTV Set Top Telly Connect box and plug it in to a spare port on the back of your router with the lead provided in the box. Then connect the power supply to the mains and then to the IPTV box itself.

2. Next you need to connect the set top box in to you TV using the mini jack to three phono leads provided. Connect the mini jack to the round socket that is marked AV out the rear of the IPTV box. Then connect the phono plugs to the back of your TV. Yellow = Video, White = Left Audio channel, Red = Right Audio channel.

3. Once ALL connected switch the IPTV box on using the right hand side power button.

4. Using AV button on your TV remote scroll to the AV channel your IPTV box is connected to. You may have to wait a few second for the box to load its settings for the first time.

5. If all working correctly you should now have the main menu displayed, just use the IPTV remote to select the channel and program you would like to watch.

Our service has been rigorously tested across a larger number of networks and routers, and has a 99% service up time. However we have come across some issues when being used with WiFi Internet providers. If being used with a WiFi Internet service we would recommend increasing the buffer time to 15 seconds in the settings menu..

Setting up your MAG254 with UK TV Abroad


If you are unable to access the Internet
  • Make sure your main Internet connection is not down, as we all know this happens a lot in Spain
  • Check that your Subscription has not expired.
  • Perform a reboot of your router, if this fixes the problem we recommend you check to see if there is a Manufacturer software update for your router.
  • Reboot your IPTV Telly Connect Box, and then wait for ALL the lights to come on before trying again.
  • Check your TV is connected to the IPTV Telly Connect Box
  • Make sure your Telly Connect box is turned on. (this could save you some embarrassment.)

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