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IPTV - Internet Speed Test

Speed Test for IPTV service
Speed tests conducted over your WiFi are limited by WiFi network type and signal strength, and will not represent your full broadband connection speed.  For the most accurate sped test of your broadband please use a wired network connection directly to your router.

We recommend using Click Here

If it is difficult to get a direct cable connection to your router to the IPTV Set- Top box then we recommend using 'home network plugs,' which will send the internet signal around your mains power loop, so you can internet from your router on different floors or rooms, and to main television.

In Spain & other parts of Europe, it should not be taken for granted that your local internet speed will suitable for streaming TV. If compared to the UK and other Northern European countries with fibre optic internet, large parts of the telecommunications infrastructure in Spain & other parts of Europe can be slower. Depending on the speed of your internet, this will impact the picture quality.
Usually between 2 - 2.5 meg stable download speed would be required for good quality (though not HD) TV streaming. At this level you will receive at most standard definition television & in some instances slightly higher.
There are a number of exaggerated claims being made with IPTV performance.  Service providers claiming full HD quality from a 2 meg internet connection, are not providing accurate information.

WiFi against a Cable connection
Speed losses associated with using WiFi to connect your MAG IPTV box to your router can be between 10% - 50%, this will all so depend on distance or placement of your router router, in relation to the IPTV set top box.  We strongly recommend you directly hard wire your IPTV box to your router as WiFi simply does not travel well through walls or floors very well, thus if you are connected using WiFi we cannot guarantee quality of service.
This is the first thing you will be asked if you call with a service or picture related problem.

Router is nowhere near your TV - Solution

Homeplugs for IPTV serviceOk, your router is nowhere near your TV and you don't want to run a cable through your house, not a problem.

The Best way would be the internet HomePlug™ these come in a twin pack and plug into your mains sockets, so you plug one in close to your broadband box, the other where you need it for you new Telly Connect IPTV box, this then supplies your internet connection over the mains from your router to your IPTV box, and helps keep a stable connection.

Using a HomePlug™ system will also allow you connect your Telly Connect IPTV box anywhere you take it, without the worry of needing long cables. Click here for more information on HomePlug™ technology.
HomePlugs are available from Media Markt, and start from about £39.00

IPTV - IPTV Playback, Buffering and Freezing

IPTV BufferingOne of the biggest things you need for IPTV is a good Internet connection with a minimum broadband speed of 1.5Mbps to 2.5Mbps (megabits per second), However 99% of all viewing problems are internet speed problems that are losing data packets, something which we have no control over. You may have a 10Mbps, but if the service is dropping packets you will have a problem, speed is not everything!

Also if you are running your IPTV box on a WiFi internet connection this can be problematic in its self. We strongly recommend increasing the Buffer time in the settings to 15 seconds, this will delay the program playing by 15 seconds, but it's worth doing. If you need help with this just drop us an email, and we will be happy to help.

The worldwide internet comes with no guarantees about performance, and a vast number of things can delay a streaming video or TV programmes. There can be problems with the number of hops that the data takes on the way to your internet service provider (ISP), and with the "traffic shaping" system your ISP probably employs. There can be further problems with your broadband router if its fairly old.
In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.