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With UK Telly Connect You get the Whole Picture

UK Telly Connect offers a range of Free To Air IPTV services for international customers, so you can have a taste of home no matter where you are in the world. We know that the existing solutions in market are confusing, often highly misleading, and only give you half the picture, (no pun intended) and more importantly expensive to the consumer.

Our philosophy within UK Telly Connect is to make our products:

Clear + Precise + Simple

The UK IPTV Telly Connect Box is designed to enable international customers access UK-based Free To Air IP TV for expats, so you can enjoy our UK TV services wherever you are worldwide.We are also VAT/TAX registered for MOSS for supplying digital services to private consumers across the EU

Fundamentally, we believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because that leads to trust and faith.

We are not prepared to compromise on the quality of our service, regardless of the low cost nature of our products. Importantly your emails will be replied to within a maximum of 48 hours, although in reality this is within six hours in business hours. 

We are constantly seeking feedback on ways of improving the products and services that are on offer to customers. If you have any feedback please do not hesitate to contact us to voice your opinion. It is only with these comments that we can improve upon our solutions.

The Telly Connect service is NOT a "Content Aggregated" service. (Most Android services)
We also DO NOT operate on an Illegal Card Sharing platform (Dream Box)
We do not offer encrypted content or VOD serves.

What is the difference between IPTV and the Android Internet TV boxes?

Good question!

We seem to get asked this a lot, so we have put together some of the basics about the differences in the services.

The primary difference between the two systems is the way in which the TV content is delivered to your Set-Top box. While Internet TV travels over the open, public, global Internet, IPTV uses a completely private, managed network to deliver your TV content directly to you.

Most Android Internet TV boxes uses free TV channels distributed over the public internet, thus itís completely unmanaged. This is normally used on the No Subscription Android TV boxes being sold.

IPTV is multi casting of TV content within a controlled managed network, so allowing IPTV provider to maintain and deliver and pick their own content, as well as giving a rock solid service. IPTV providers (like ourselves) do not allow open public connections.

IPTV delivery is a higher quality, more reliable, and more consistent viewing experience while Best-effort Android Internet TV boxes can be subject to delays due to lower bandwidth, high traffic to channel feeds or poor connection quality stream. This is why some people think internet TV is poor quality and channels keep moving or need reprogramming, as itís all unmanaged!

With IPTV a digital set-top box is used to access and decode the video content delivered via an IPTV system whereas an Android TV box nearly always use public open source players to access Internet Free To Air TV services.

Courses for Horses - Yes, a significant percentage of TV and video content delivered over the public Internet is available to consumers free of charge. However if you are looking for a reliable service, with channels being there when you switch your TV box on, with a provider that manages their own TV content, then  connecting to an IPTV service provider on a monthly subscription is by far the best way.

The age old saying is still the same today "You get what you pay for.Ē

We hope it gives a basic idea about the differences. If you would like further information or a free trial of our Free To Air IPTV service please feel free to ask.

All the best

The Telly Connect Team

ExPat TV in Spain
Our content providers channel Free To Air line up can change at any time, therefore we do not guarantee that the TV channels supplied will always be available from one moment to the next. We will endeavor to attempt to keep the channels as static as possible but the channel line up can change at any time without notice.

We always aim to provide a broad range of  Free To Air TV channels, and attempt to keep the number of channels available constant. We do not accept that any change to the channel line up is a cause for termination of service and no refunds or return of goods are permissible due to any changes (for what ever time period) in channel lineup.

In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.